5 Tips for Securing Your Next and Best Project Management Role

The job-hunting process is different across industries, national borders and even for individuals, but we have pulled together some key principles that keep the process from being overwhelming, wherever and whatever you are looking for. 

Tip #1: Think hard about what you would really like to do, what are you good at and what are you passionate about?

If you look for a job you're qualified for but don't enjoy or have outgrown, you will end up resenting your job and employer and will be looking for the next job in no time. Project management offers a lot of specialisations from Risk Management, to Scheduling to Assurance work. Delivery is not the be all and end all in Project Management. 

Tip #2: Check your current skills against what is necessary.

Are your credentials up to date? If you have been meaning to get PMP certified or to do a SAFe course, do it before you start the job application process. Make sure your CV showcases your skills and experience. 

Tip #3: Consider, Is the prospective employer a good fit for you?

When we get a job offer we often assume that if we are selected then we must be a good fit for the role. What the employer is actually saying is that you are a good fit for their skills and culture. You should ask yourself if they are a good fit for your personal values and culture too. If the role is based remotely and you are a person that values daily social interaction then it may not be for you, no matter how good it sounds or how much it pays.

Tip #4: Be honest about strengths and weaknesses

We have all struggled to answer this question at one time or another but often employers, particularly in the project management space are looking for a diverse range of skills and personality types. If stakeholder management is not your forte but you are a scheduling whizz be honest about it - that might be the area where the team lacks horse power. If you exaggerate your strengths you are on a path to unhappiness. 

Tip #5: Have a continuous personal development plan

Not a plan that is mandated by your employer, not just a training course booking. Think about where you will be in 5 years and what skills will be required. Consider where you need to improve - everyone has areas where they could perform better. Being self aware and having a plan in place is a great way to demonstrate that you are proactive and serious about advancement and high performance. 

The perfect candidate should be passionate, enthusiastic and aware of where they will fit in to the picture should they get the role.

Happy job hunting!